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BUSU Law Office represents tradition and continuity in the field of law.

We started in 2008, following the partnership between two brothers, the descendants of a family with three generations of lawyers.

We offer both consulting services and representation of clients in court, in civil and criminal cases.
Our activity consists in providing quality services to our clients, Romanian companies and foreigners, as well as individuals who require legal support in carrying out the activities they undertake.

BUSU Law Office
Avocati Busu

Alexandru Busu lawyer

Alexandru-Mihai BUSU

Attorney at law, member of the Bucharest Bar since 01.01.2008.

George Busu lawyer

George-Valentin BUSU

Attorney at law, member of the Bucharest Bar since 01.01.2008.

Our Fees


- The nature of the cause; the complexity of the legal operations; the expected duration of the legal process; the amount of the monetary valuation of the case deducted from the court; the distance to the place of the competent court, etc.

Hourly fee

Standard hourly fee has a moderate level and applies especially to cases and projects that involve activities in our office, with or without reduced mobility. The hourly fee applies to works whose length and duration can be accurately determined.

Global fee

The global fee is charged to customers who want to carry out certain projects,but the extent and duration of which are difficult to quantify.


The subscription is a form of collaboration that allows accurate determination of both the services provided and the client's expenses and creates the premises for a true partnership between the client and the law firm.

Under a subscription, the lawyer provides the customer with services for a certain amount of time, on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on the terms of the legal assistance contract what's next to be concluded.

This form of collaboration is ideal in situations where the client wishes to have permanent legal advice in his / her work.

The fee charged for a subscription is variable and depends on the complexity of the services we offer.

The advantage of a subscription is that our lawyers will respond immediately to your requests, even if the operation for which you are requesting support is not included in the subscriptions. In addition, the customer issue is settled with priority, legal assistance and representation being guaranteed 24 hours / day, regardless of the time at which the legal issue or the place where the customer requires our services.

The fee for success

Our law office may charge a fee comprised of one of the above variants, set at a minimum rate, plus an agreed amount to be paid by the client if the project is successfully completed.
This successful fee will be a fixed amount and the payment can be settled for a negotiated period of time.

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Consultations are scheduled by phone call in advance, at the above-mentioned phone numbers.
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